About Us

We are two friends who started Loan Compass after experiencing the frustration and complexity of buying a home.  We consider ourselves smart people who make educated decisions, yet when we were making the biggest purchase of our lives we felt uninformed through a process that was unnecessarily complex.  We couldn’t find a single source to provide simple and objective information that brought the entire loan process together; instead we found only sites focused on selling us products and bombarding us with phone calls.  Turns out we were not alone…our family and friends were just as disoriented when they bought their homes.

We decided then we were going to go against the norm and create Loan Compass in a different way.  The site was created with simple directions to empower users with control of the home loan process in order to receive the best possible loan.  Here’s how you’ll find us different:

  1. Honest, Simple & Direct – We are never going to push you to do anything you shouldn’t as we designed this site for our family and friends to be our first users. The information is laid out in a simple process with just the key facts needed. At the same time there is plenty of detail on each topic for those who want to learn more.
  2. No Google Games – Sorry Google but we didn’t follow your rules of writing long articles to optimize our ranking! People prefer simple, summarized facts and tips and we would rather grow through word of mouth than play your ranking game!
  3. Say Goodbye! – While websites are designed not to lose you to another site, we believe you shouldn’t only visit us when making such an important purchase. Where we discovered better resources on a topic, we provided links to those sites.

Just like with a compass tool, Loan Compass will guide you through each step so you never feel lost but rather empowered and in control throughout…because those who control the knowledge control the process!