5. Track


Whether you recently closed your loan or did so many years ago, tracking interest rates could save you thousands by knowing when to refinance.  The process is simple: a) first request a free, no-obligation refinance quote.  b) Then input the quote into our b) breakeven calculator so that you know if a refinancing will save you money!


A. Refinance Quote

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While interest rates fluctuate daily, they generally go down significantly during recessionary times (this is because the Federal Reserve will often cut rates during recessionary times to stimulate growth).


B. Calculate Savings Rate (Refinance Calculator)

Use our calculator below to determine if refinancing your home loan makes sense.  You can also play around with different rates and closing costs to determine when a refinance will save you money!  Keep in mind that increasing the life of your loan could result in increasing your total interest on the loan, even if your monthly payment goes down.?

    Current Loan

    Original Loan Amount?$Interest Rate?%Loan Terms (years)?Origination Month?Origination Year(4 digit)?

    New Loan

    Cash Out?$New Loan Amount$Interest Rate?%Loan Terms (years)?Closing Cost?$

    Savings with the New Loan

    Current Loan New Loan Savings
    Monthly Payment
    Interest Remaining

    # of Months to Breakeven on Closing Costs:?


    A refinancing calculator can tell you many things, but it can’t calculate how long you plan to live in your current home.  A refinancing, even if it lowers your rate, may not be worthwhile with the costs involved if you plan to move in the next couple of years.